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Sequestering CO2 from Gas Emissions


We are researching several strategies to sequester CO2 from flue gas emmissions, the primary ones are listed below:

  • Chemisorption of greenhouse gases by minerals-Minerals containing high concentrations of elements capable of forming strong carbonates i.e., K, Na, Ca, Mg, and Fe, will be studied as sorbents for binding CO2
  • Conversion of captured CO2 into carbonaceous fuels for transportation purposes will be researched.
  • CO2 hydration in power plant flue gas and reaction with carbonate minerals to produce bicarbonate ions in solution will be investigated. The resulting bicarbonate solution can later be discharged into seas and oceans where its load will add minimally to its already present large pool.
Using Photosynthesis and other processes for conversion of green house gases to organic carbon- Research will be conducted to breed plants or bacterial populations and determine best operational conditions to absorb CO2 at an appropriate rate from flue gases or gas mixtures enriched in CO2.