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Global Climate Change


A continuous growth in the production and use of fossil fuels has caused an increase in green house gas emissions and has resulted in increased atmospheric accumulation. Greenhouse gases, CO2 and CH4 being the main ones, due to their high absorption coefficients with respect to radiation energy reflected from the earth surface can trap heat resulting in increase in the temperature of the earth surface.

Terrestrial biosphere models predict an increase in the temperature of the earth surface by 2.1 to 4.5 oC by year 2040 due to  increased anthropogenic accumulation of greenhouse gases.The predicted temperature increase will have catastrophic consequences with rising ocean levels and vast coastal floods, glacier melting and migration to southern zones, increased precipitation in some regions and droughts in other regions, and species extinction.Our company is conducting research to develop innovative strategies to reduce the emission of green house gases as well as develop sources of clean renewable energy.